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Biomedical calibration services are the prerequisites for all medical devices to function properly. The medical sector deals with the lives of the people and therefore healthcare providers can’t afford the cuts in any corner in their equipment reliability.
Our medical calibration services ensure the quality working of the medical equipment and the safety of the health of the patients.
Because medical devices are sensitive, proper and regular calibration is quintessential.
Medical equipment must be properly calibrated to work with all the human-safety standards defined by ISO globally.
ILERA BIOMEDI-CAL SERVICES performs all types of medical instruments calibration and repair.
Complying with globally accepted standards and practices we ensure reliable and competent calibration.

We perform iterations in testing, checking, and calibrating before certifying the devices as the fittest for the use in the medical industry.

At ILERA BIOMEDI-CAL SERVICES, we use state-of-the-art equipment that is automated, medically tested and designed to help you ensure every patient’s safety. We provide solutions for testing and calibration such as safety analyzers, pressure testers and simulators, radiation measurement solutions which are essential for successful operations and critical for the performance of life-support and other similar biomedical equipment.

Planned preventive maintenance

ILERA BIOMEDI-CAL has strict controls in place that ensure equipment is operated in accordance with the Manufactures specifications and recommendations while maintaining a safe working environment. Planned Preventive Maintenance services are conducted on a scheduled basis to guarantee that all equipment is running at their optimum level. The schedule is generated through the Biomedical Maintenance Management System and creates a work order, which must be closed upon the completion of the works. The calibration of the equipment is conducted and done as per the manufacturer’s guidelines, using the approved test tools & equipment to perform the maintenance.

Round the clock service

We are consistent in our efforts to deliver continuous, cost-effective technical support that help ensure maximum uptime and performance. Offering round the clock remote technical support, you can rely on us when you need us the most. Our onsite support staff is available based upon your business requirements; we provide technical support over the phone and via email as well.

Safety tests

Patient safety is at the heart of what ILERA BIOMEDI-CAL does and is the primary focus for our Bio-Medical Equipment Maintenance Service. To ensure the highest safety levels, we carry out electrical safety tests & other specific parameter tests after every Planned Preventative Maintenance works.

Predictive maintenance

We conduct Corrective Maintenance on medical equipment upon the detection of failures; these can be identified during routine inspections or flagged by the client/end-user. The team fixes the issue by manufacturer recommended procedure & using dedicated test tools.



We source and provide All Emergency Vehicle Conversions. There are a variety of base vehicles, designs and options available. All components used and manufactured are of the highest quality available. Conversions include but not limited to Ambulances, Rescue Vehicles, Rescue Trailers and Mobile Clinics.


We are also able to provide creative solutions to our clients. If you require a Temporary or Semi-permanent Medical Facility, multiple building solutions can be deployed quickly and easily in various configurations to meet your requirements. ILERA HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS is able to provide these medical facilities as a turnkey operation with all equipment and disposables required to set up Emergency Casualty, ICU or Theatre.


We are able to procure and supply high-quality equipment as well as medical and office furniture to our clients.

Our available range of products include:

 Patient monitoring and care solutions

Through our partnerships with industry-leading suppliers, ILERA HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS offers state-of-the-art, personalized, end-to-end patients monitoring and critical care solutions that are inclusive of clinical informatics provided by highly skilled and experienced professionals. These solutions are provided, but not limited to the following segments like clinics, acute care, stepdown/HDU, ICU, NICU, CCU, Burns, Cardiology, Neurology, Respiratory, Urology, Pulmonology, and Anesthesi

Medical consumables and sensors

We deliver the most advanced and reliable sensors, medical consumables, disposables to all medical institutions we serve. Our products are gentle on the body as well as easy to maintain and use- making them comfortable for both end users and caregivers. All of our products are tested and manufactured to deliver accurate results.

Surgical solutions

As part of our ongoing journey to establish a global medical standard by delivering high technology products and providing advanced healthcare, we strive to restore control and improve balance for patients with a variety of conditions. We ensure our products provide highly specialized and individualized care; offering technology in the fields of radiotherapy and radiosurgery; image-guided craniomaxillofacial (CMF), ENT, orthopedic, spine, trauma, and neurosurgery; intraoperative imaging; integrated operating room solutions; treatment planning, as well as medical image sharing and enhancement.

Operating room solutions

Through our partnerships with reliable world-renowned brands, our portfolio includes state of the art Anesthesia and Operating Room Solutions, where we offer healthcare providers across the region ultra-modern operating room lighting, tables, and accessories – a prerequisite for any healthcare industry leader.

Neonatal care solutions

Through our reliable and extensive range of products, we meet the complex needs of infants, families, and caregivers, which include innovative neonatal ventilation systems, specialized incubators, mobile monitors, state-of-the-art IT systems, and much more. ILERA HEALTHCARE products and solutions are reliable, easy to use & implement, allowing caregivers to cater to the patient’s needs efficiently & effectively and focus on the best outcome for the patient.


ILERA HEALTHCARE offers a full range of Diagnostic Imaging solutions that facilitate high-resolution imaging across different specialties in the healthcare environment. We share partnerships with market leaders amongst well-respected and affordable brands. Our current portfolio of products in this segment includes Digital Xray, Mobile DR & Xray, Digital Fluoroscopy, Digital Mobile C-arm, Digital Mammography, General X-Ray, Ultrasound Scanner, Digital Angiography system, PACS, RIS, VNA, AI in Radiology, QA products and Radiology accessories. Our experienced & professional team has equipped and installed these solutions in numerous leading hospitals across Africa.
ILERA presents itself as a leader in emergency care education in Africa.

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