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We are a private medical service company with operations mainly in Africa.

-The depth and breath of our expertise permits us to find the right solutions to implement and achieve the appropriate medical response, within the local environmental constraints
- By thinking beyond borders and by opening our mind to customer’s requirements, we develop tailor- made solutions that meets their expectations.
- Our team spirit ensures we are motivated to make a real difference to those we serve, by sourcing quality products and providing exceptional service.

Our unique African anchorage and orientation is the key of our expansion

Despite the complexity of some areas, we are able to maintain the same highest level of medical response anywhere in the continent.
Being a part of the care continuum; ILERA HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS provides medical equipment, solutions, educational tools, protocols, clinical engineering and biomedical maintenance services that impact patient care directly

The Team

Our commitment to deliver a world-class service distinguishes us from others.

Our specialty and technology specific teams are always geared to meet the challenges of the care delivery, ensuring equipment are available where required where clinicians can use them with full confidence that they are safe and operational
Our Certified and trained engineers and technicians are at the disposal of front-line healthcare professionals.
Tunde Osseni
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Ela gilbert
Chief Finance Officer
Madi Botha
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)


Our Vision is to be the change we wish to see in the healthcare sector in Africa and to be recognized as the region’s leading healthcare solutions provider and biomedical engineering service.


Our Mission is To save lives and satisfy our client partners by delivering high quality healthcare solutions, training, equipment, engineering services and facility management.


Commitment to Excellence

Through continuous professional development, technical upgrades, certifications and utilization of modern solutions, we are committed to healthcare excellence. We ensure proactive and timely delivery of anticipated outcomes.

Continuous Improvement and Quality

By promoting continuous professional development and certification , we deliver services matching and exceeding set norm or standards.

Service Integrity

We deliver our services with integrity and care, without compromising on the applicable health, safety, and quality standards.

Professional Collaboration

We enter into successful strategic partnerships for a healthier tomorrow. These partnerships help us implement the latest innovations in the healthcare solutions and engineering landscape of the African continen.
ILERA presents itself as a leader in emergency care education in Africa.

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